Dark Chocolate Almonds

You, the sender of these…

You’ve managed to tug at my heartstrings!
Even though I know I had nudged you
I had NO clue, it came out of the blue!
You did you…
You took your time

Like you do every time…
and you did it right!
just like you had in mind?
I sure got my package

I know you’ve been wondering…

Amongst other things,
Trader Joe’s – 

“Sea Salt & Trubinado Sugar DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS”
It arrived on my happy day!
I imagine you had planned for it to be that way?

I’ve stayed quiet…
I know it’s so unlike me!
and because you know me…
you know I can’t hold,
a single surprise or thrill!
I’m all about the 

screaming joyful shrieks and shrills!
This belly will explode
Before it will quell
But to my surprise!
I’ve stayed quiet 

For a well over 24 hours!

What have I been doing?
I’ve been marinating…
Letting myself feel
every thought and feeling
that’s arising…
Through the day yesterday and overnight
I’ve been contemplating
This particular box of 

You might be surprised – 

These happy day little bites
Did bring me joy and happy
I DO know how badly you wish that for me …

See, when I asked for these
I had no foresight
That the box held the key
to a whole lot of memory!
I should have realized.
I’ve held them close to my heart.
and because my heart still feels what it feels…
I keep it locked to prevent any excitement or shock

The minute I noticed the package
from you by my entryway
I knew right away what lies inside
and just like that
the flood gates opened.
These little blobs of yummy

YOU know how unordinary they can be

As they hold very particular memory
Of you and me.
the imagery still evokes 

all the emotions the memory holds
Can’t seem to put in words
But I know well
you can tell this tale
Some memories won’t ever fade or fail

You see why I stayed quite ?

Telling you I got it 

would somehow bring an end
to such a fun visit down memory lane
I hadn’t visited there in a while
I thought I’d just stay another day
In joyful memory glee
for as long as you’d let me 

But looks like you’ve gotten weary

So before you begin to query

And my emotions get me a bit teary

I’ll lock up, fess up,

 and come back to here and now!


It’s now the day after my Happy Day

You were a part of it in your own way

Thank you Dear Dark Chocolate Almond Fairy

For visiting me on my Happy Day and today!


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