The Ritual of Running

And about Raymond…

For a few weeks now,
Coach Carly’s bin making note about Raymond and Manbeena!
…and then there’s the runner profile submission I never did turn in…
Rumor has it, there will be some humor 
Telling another tale about Manbeena!

So to help Editor Lynne with an extra bit of zing to her upcoming publication recipe 
And also to tell Coach Carly my story on Raymond
Here’s a few thoughts on running from me to you .

So back to Raymond, …
And for that matter Karen and Dorothy 
And all our lovely RunInn Pacers!

Every Thursday evening and Saturday morning 
I spend running …
Sometimes with you, beside you 
At times a few steps ahead 
At times a few steps behind
Always keeping one of you in close sight.
But on a day when one of you is away
I know right away!
It’s because 
I’ve come to expect you
Each and every one of you!

We run to stay fit
We run for fun
We run to catch rain and sun 
And many of us run so we can eat and play.

But there’s another important reason why I run
Because I want to connect with everyone!
And to me a Raymond, a Karen and a Dorothy
Are the touchstone of a running in community

New routes everyday 
Different moods each time 
Yet the ritual of running offers a guarenteed dose of calming

Many people run
And a few runners pace
To me a pacer is an anchor 
In an otherwise chaotic world 
Like a teacher each of you 
Brings special qualities 
Protective, inclusive, wise
Patient, steady…
You’re a human metronome..

So if it’s obvious 
I hold each of you in some sort of reverence

Its true, I do…

In a way, I’m a creature of habit…
So yes when you are away…
I notice and miss you!
Rather I miss the comfort of consistency and stability you represent 
To my life 2 times a week.

So a big thank you ,
To all you runners …
That make our running community!
And a thank you to coach Carly,
For planning our weekly running roundevous.
And a Big thank you,
To all our pacers…
For always showing up…
Showing us all the ropes 
Instilling hope…

Especially when there’s hills of dread ahead!

And a final note on community…
I’ll miss all your wonderful faces
Those of you running races
In faraway places…
While the rituals of running will continue
They will be different without each of you
I know you’ll all have a ton of fun in Vienna 
And we your community will be rooting for you 
Waiting patiently for your return.


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