About Tonight’s Sky…

Nature was out today
Telling us a sublime tale
Of how brightness of the
Day made it’s way
Out of today
Handing over it’s everything
To the mystery
Of the nighttime shadows

What was happening was clear
What was happening suggested boundaries
An inevitable ritual
From day to night
Night to day
Every day.. .
Somedays sharp and clear
Like today
Perhaps more hazy and hesitant
on other days

It’s like the passing on
Of the baton
In a relay
Sometimes smooth
Sometimes clumsy

Or could it be
About the handing over
That a father does of his daughter in good faith 
As she weds
To join another?

It’s about letting go
Handing over
Letting in
Taking over
From high tide the other night
To low tide tonight

Where the sky and the water met
Where day left and night picked up
sharp but merged
Stark but stunning
Clear but soft


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