Setting (food) Intentions on Supermoon Wednesday 

It’s a supermoon Wednesday!
I’m told it’s a good time
To set intentions moving forward
Mine got set as I prepped my dinner!

For those that love food
Rather love good food
This might appeal to you
For those that share no passion
For good food:
1. You’ll not get the sentiment and its TOTALLY ok!
2. That said, I do feel really sorry for you!

Back to loving good food –
Good quality locally sourced
French bread (olivier’s)
It is so tasty and world’s apart
From just any ordinary store bought bread

Yes I acknowledge good bread isn’t cheap
I also acknowledge
My indulgent expensive bread talk
Outs my privileges !

On a heated pan
I place 2 slices of delicious
French whole wheat bread
Slice up a generous bit
Of grass fed butter
To layer onto my bread
It creates perfect buttery crispy mushy
toasted bread!
Add a thick layer of cheddar cheese
After a few heated moments,
Off the pan
Onto my plate
Sandwiched together                                   Between generous amounts of perfectly ripe avacado

Yes, these are the ingredients and steps
The makings of a delicious grilled cheese!

Only a lover of good food would know
The goodness in this sandwich
Out does any bad!

I’m setting my best intentions on this supermoon wednesday
To make and enjoy the yummiest of foods

Now the bigger question that looms is
What intentions will you set?


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