Time flashes

Sudden unexpected perceptual …

Like flashes
Leaving you both pleasantly surprised and equally nostalgic.
That sweet smell of a rose bush
You encounter on your lunch walk
That big clear blue sunny summer sky
That takes you back to more than one
memory lane…
The smell of the muddy earth after the first monsoon drizzle on a dusty parched ground
Surrounding you instantly with fresh and revitalized lime and dark green
Livening everything to the brightest temperature and hue for you to witness
On your drive back home from your day’s sojourn
To encounter an elderly couple walking  hand in hand
Screaming tender love and care
Co-created only through the shared passage of time
That perfume, that deodorant,
That smell of home made pizza or paratha
That smell of you her or him
That lingering yet fading fragrance
From your dress or shirt from another day’s celebration
The musky smell and 80s pop music
As you enter a bowling alley
That out of the blue love song
Playing as you walk the grocery store isle
Slowing you down
Forcing you to linger
So you can listen n hum and go back to that high school era of 1994
An old photo of you looking casual clumsy and naive in your Facebook on this day x years ago feed, …
A letter
Put away unconsciously
A memorabilia of a past tale of love.
To fit into that sari blouse from 2003
And feel 14 years younger and older
A clash of time itself
A visit back to old favorites hangouts
From the younder days of dating, friendship, family, school and other mundane or extraordinary adventures.

To touch feel smell see and hear
Here today just like an old yesterday
Time flashes light,
Remnants of our past
Of moments shiny and dark
Warm and cold
Eager and mellow
Short and sweet
Making you pause
And take heed


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